Hardware - Upgrades & Repairs

Memory Upgrade

Memory Upgrade

Many computers suffer from poor performance due to a lack of memory (RAM) alone. Stock is held for most Desktops/Laptops, meaning the majority of upgrades can be performed on the spot. Please call first though, to avoid disappointment.

Hard Disk or Solid State Replacement

Hard Disk Replacement

If your computer is unresponsive, or you need more space for your videos & photos, it may be time for a hard disk upgrade.

We make this easy and affordable. After your new hard disk has been fitted, data can be migrated from the old hard disk to the new one, so that you receive your computer just as you left it with all of your files and software intact - while enjoying the improved performance and extra capacity a new hard disk provides.

If you're seeking a new Hard Disk because your original one is completely faulty, you may wish to look into our Data Recovery options.

We provide this service for both Desktop PCs and Laptops, and offer a range of Hard Disk technologies & capacities to suit your budget. From low-cost, high-capacity traditional Hard Disk Drives, to high-cost, low-capacity, but extremely high-performing Solid-State Disk Drives (more info).

Simply bring in your computer for a free diagnosis, and we will provide a quote on an appropriate Hard Disk & optional Data Migration/Recovery.

LCD Replacements

LCD Replacement
If your laptop has been the victim of an unfortunate accident its LCD may need replacing. We provide the supply & fitting of replacement high-quality affordable screens for all brands (with screens for major brands in stock).

Your LCD may need replacing if:

  • It is heavily scratched.
  • It has fallen and shattered.
  • It has internal fractures which result in the display of a myriad of colours.

DC Socket Repair

DC Socket Repair
If your laptop's power connector has broken we provide a service to either fit a new power connector onto the mainboard or repair the existing one, if possible.

Symptoms of a broken power connector include:

  • Laptop does not charge or power on at all.
  • Laptop charges intermittently, only when the cable is pushed in or held in a specific position. Possibly accompanied by charging led lights flickering and spontaneous changes in screen brightness.
  • Either the pin in the centre of the jack , or the whole connector is: loose, pushed in, broken or missing.

Other Supplies

The following items are stocked & available for immediate sale:

Other Supplies
  • Webcams
  • Speakers
  • Power Supply Units (PSU)
  • Wired Mice
  • Wired Keyboards
  • Wireless Mice
  • Portable External Hard Drives 500GB/1TB
  • Portable External DVD Writers
  • USB Wireless Adapters
  • PCI Network Cards
  • USB 3.0 Memory Sticks
  • External USB Hard Drive (USB 3.0)
  • Various Cables
  • Genuine Laptop Adapters
  • Printers
  • Ink for majority of Epson Printers